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Devils Bridge Waterfalls                     Access Statement   2024

  • Free parking is available a short distance from the entrances to both walks.  The parking area is tarmacked and on a reasonably level surface.   The car park holds approximately 25 cars.  It is possible to get to the attraction entrance either by using the 10 steps at the far end of the car park or by walking back through the car park entrance to get onto the main road.  Please note that if walking on the main road to get to the attraction entrance, there are no pavements for this short distance.  There is an alternative free car park 5 minutes walk away which can be reached by turning left before the Hafod Hotel and is 150 m on the right-hand side. There is another overflow car park 250 m up the road at The Woodlands Caravan Park.  Coaches usually pull up alongside the main entrance as a drop-off point only and then park elsewhere. 
  • There are two separate walks at the Devil’s Bridge attraction;  the Waterfall walk, and the Punchbowl walk.  Both walks involve steps, which are a specific feature of the attraction. 
  • The Waterfalls walk is considerably longer and more challenging than the other and involves descending 300 feet down uneven steps and paths, and it takes quite a lot of physical effort to ascend back up the other side of the gorge to the exit turnstile.  People who have difficulty with heights may find the ‘Jacobs ladder’, a feature of 100 continuous downward steps, a personal challenge.  Overall there are over 675 irregular steps on this walk and it takes a minimum of 45 minutes to walk around the circular path.
  • The complete circular Punchbowl walk consists of approximately 300 steps although you do not have to descend all these steps to view the attraction of the Three Bridges which are built one on top of the other. By ascending 7 steps you will reach the “Top viewing area” and the 3 bridges can be seen from there.
  • Considering the geological conditions, neither attraction is fully suitable for some disabled or elderly people or children in pushchairs.  If you are unsure whether to attempt the walks we recommend that you speak to a staff member prior to commencing either walk.
  • There is an alternative entrance to part of the Punchbowl walk via access through the “Viewing Area ”.  This entrance is open via a ticket booth during the main holidays and through a gated code number at other times when there is an attendant on duty at the Waterfalls entrance.  The “Viewing  Area” has a 1.8 m wide curbed tarmac path leading around the displays and there are no steps.  There are several benches and a wooden gazebo for shelter.  Views of the three bridges can be seen clearly from this area. This is a level area and suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs.  Access to the rest of the punchbowl walk is via the 300 steps mentioned above.
  • To access both walks, it is necessary to enter through coin-operated/contactless turnstiles when there is no attendant on duty.  
  • If anyone is in difficulty, staff will be on hand to offer assistance where possible during the main season. During the winter, access is through the turnstiles, and it is your responsibility to read the path warning signs in place.  
  • Along both walks, there are handrails and safety rails to assist with getting around the walks safely.  In as many places as possible, the railings are on both sides of the path but it should be noted that in some areas the handrail is not present on both sides if the landscape does not permit it.
  • On the Waterfall walk, there is seating in the form of benches at intermittent periods to allow people to rest if required. There is also a viewing gazebo a quarter of the way along the route. The waterfalls can first be seen from this point. Visitors can return along the same path they came down and exit at the entrance if they decide not to proceed further with the walk. After the gazebo, the walk becomes steeper.
  • An ongoing project is addressing the issue of uneven steps around the walks. 
  •  Due to the natural terrain of the land, it should be noted that the pathways and steps may not be suitable for visually or mobility-impaired people.  It must also be noted that the physical exertion may be too strenuous for people with heart conditions or diabetes.   
  • During the autumn, the walks are subjected to leaves falling on the pathways due to the number of deciduous trees present.  Staff aim to clear the pathways as much as reasonably possible; however, it is a nature trail and any leaves or rain could create a slippery surface to walk on. It is recommended that sensible walking shoes are worn.
  • There are no refreshment areas around the walks, so in the event of very hot weather, it should be ensured that visitors have sufficient water or other fluids to see them around the walk.  Due to natural tree cover, there are plenty of locations for people to rest in shaded areas.
  • There are two emergency exits on the Waterfalls walk.  One leads halfway down the first half of the walk, and the other reaches halfway down the other side of the walk.  Therefore in the case of an emergency, a quad bike can be taken to a rescue point.  
  • In the event of an accident, staff have access to a landline phone at the entrance kiosk where emergency services can be called along with any staff. 
  • There are many opportunities for the senses to be stimulated around both walks, from the beautiful scenery, the sounds of the waterfalls and birdsong, and, depending on the time of year, a wide range of flora and fauna.
  • Most mobile phones can not get reception from halfway around the Waterfalls walk due to the location.  EE and 3 are the only networks that work in Devils Bridge village.  Please note that there are no public or emergency phones along the walks. 
  • There is an ice cream /gift shop and a beverage takeaway service at the entrance to the walks. There is an ice cream shop customer toilet inside the building, which is also an accessible toilet. It also has a baby changing unit and can be used by the waterfalls customers on request.  However, this is a seasonal business, and it is not open during the winter months.  This is a separate business to the attraction.
  • There is a Waterfall and Punchbowl customer toilet at the back of the ice cream kiosk, which is open when there is a Waterfall member of staff on duty. There are two steps leading up to the door.
  • There is also a hotel, pub, and tearoom adjacent to the exit of the Waterfall walk.  This establishment is open all year round. There are public toilets opposite the steam train station in the village which are open from Easter to the end of September.
  • The nearest Defibrillator can be located on the outside wall of the Hafod Hotel which is situated at the exit to the waterfalls walk.

The managers of Devil’s Bridge attraction have endeavored to make this access statement as comprehensive as possible.  However, if you require any other information, please contact us on 01970 890233 to further discuss your requirements.


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