The three bridges
The Three Bridges from the Punchbowl side

The Waterfalls in Autumn
The Punchbowl in winter
The Punchbowl in the winter
The Waterfalls in Spring

Are there any changes that I need to know due to COVID-19 ? What can visitors expect on arrival?

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Devils Bridge Falls is a world famous tourist attraction in the heart of the Cambrian Mountains and 12 miles from the seaside town of Aberystwyth. These unique waterfalls have attracted many thousands of visitors since the 18th century, including William Wordsworth who wrote about the “Torrent at the Devil’s Bridge”. Today, the Falls Nature Trail provides a unique opportunity to see this great natural feature in the Rheidol Gorge.

The Waterfalls and Punchbowl are open all year.


From November to March  we only have an attendant on duty if it is busy enough to cover costs. Therefore if you visit on a quiet day the only entrance to the walks will be through the Victorian turnstiles and you will need to bring pound coins with you to put into the turnstile slots.  When there is no attendant on duty you can not pay by card or enter any other way.  The turnstiles have 90 degree arms and large dogs will not be able to squeeze in with you.     

There is a map of the walk and a safety notice with photos available at  the entrance of the walk for you to view.  The map is also available as a  PDF on  this website for you to peruse in advance of your visit.

Christmas Holidays walks, Boxing Day and New Years Day visits.  Our staff are not available to work during the Christmas holidays even if it is busy.  Please bring the correct coins with you to enter the walks.  The Hafod hotel (opposite the exit of the waterfalls walk) will be open from daily from 12 noon.  Please check their website in case of changes. www.hafodhotel.co.uk 

Please be prepared.  Devil’s Bridge is high in the mountains and it rains most days during the winter.  Bring suitable clothes and shoes for the walk.  The tearooms at the entrance to the walks are closed so also bring your own hot flasks and snacks.

There are two walks to choose from:

This walk takes a minimum of 45 minutes.
Difficult walk. 675 steep uneven natural stone steps.

If you are arriving by the steam train and only have one hour in Devils Bridge we do not recommend that you attempt to do the waterfalls walk due to lack of time.  The short punchbowl and 3 bridges walk would be suitable.

Click below to purchase tickets in advance of your visit.  This is only for the waterfall walk and available to pre-book from MARCH to end of OCTOBER only.

Click here to buy your Devils Bridge Waterfalls Nature Trail Ticket


This walk takes 10 to 20 minutes.
Moderate walk. 220 slate steps


The Punchbowl walk has been extended to include a new seating area with views of the 3 Bridges.  The nature corner has bird boxes and feeders and nature habitat piles; look out for the delightful selection of fairy doors. Use the wind-up box to hear the story of Devil’s Bridge and the history that surrounds the area.  On display, there is a selection of old postcards and photos, and a section of the original Victorian balustrade dated 1901.

From the new level area, there is a sloped path leading you to the original punchbowl walk which comprises of 220 steps and therefore this area is not suitable for wheelchair or pushchair access.  The steps lead down to the Punchbowl viewing point where you can see the turbulent water crashing against the worn-out rock.   Look up from here to get the full expanse of the 3 Bridges built one on top of the other.

There is a level tarmac path in the new view point area thus making it suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs to be able to view the three bridges.  The pushchair and wheelchair access is open during school holidays or by prior arrangement.

No online advanced tickets are available to purchase for this walk.


Refreshments and food are available from the Hafod Hotel opposite the exit to the waterfalls walk. 

Tearooms & Gift shop at the entrance to the walks.

Dogs must be kept on the lead.  If your dog is large then it may struggle to enter through the turnstile with you.  The steep steps are also difficult for dogs with short legs and you may end up having to carry your pet

There is an attendant at the entrance to the waterfalls walk from 9.45 am to 5.30 pm but hours do vary depending on high or low season.  During the school holidays and peak times, there will be an attendant on duty at the new Punchbowl viewing point and seating area.

Entrance through coin-operated turnstiles when attendant not on duty.

Customer Warning

The steps are natural stone, mainly slate, and can be slippery when wet. Fallen twigs and leaves can create a natural hazard on the path and steps. Be aware of trip hazards such as tree roots and loose stones. It is essential that appropriate footwear is worn. When there is ice on the paths or high winds we recommend that you do not enter the walks.  We can not be held responsible for those who attempt the walk during inappropriate weather or for visitors that stray off the nature trail path.

Due to the geology of the Rheidol Gorge, the walks are not necessarily suitable for the elderly, disabled, asthmatic or for those who suffer from vertigo or heart conditions.  The amount of steps makes it unsuitable for pushchairs or for carrying babies in a sling or back pack. If you are not used to physical exertion then this walk could be too strenuous for you. Children must be accompanied by an adult.       For more information, see the Walks page

The paths are not lit at night therefore please allow plenty of time to complete the walk before it gets dark.

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